Bee Mask

Glacial, energetically null, drone. Like the sound of a great void made corporeal.

No Mutant Enemy

Hyperborean Trenchtown

Hey everybody, as you can see here and here you can still buy Hyperborean Trenchtown on vinyl over a year after it's release. And since I got 98 downloads on that link I'm just gonna pull it and tell you to buy it. No Mutant Enemy however is sold out and just as wonderful so check that out.


chris said...

I appreciate the kind words, but if you're going to link to that rip of "Hyperborean Trenchtown," would you mind editing the post to reflect the fact that that LP is still available for purchase, both from Weird Forest and Deception Island and linking to both sites?

To be clear, whether you leave the link up or not is totally up to you; I just want to make sure that no one interprets it as an indication that they can't get the actual record anymore. Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to talk about it. Thanks!

Iacus said...

You can still buy the LP? I had no idea. I just (stupidly) assumed it was gone already.

Sorry about that. This is one of my faves from last year.