Corn On Macabre - Chapters I & II Plus Deleted Scene

Easily one of the best hardcore albums I've ever heard. I didn't realize this until I was looking for the cover but apparently you can buy this for $5 from

Chapters I & II Plus Deleted Scene

Nathamuni Brothers - Madras 1974

South indian brass band plays classical ragas. Fluid, agile, and pretty pretty pretty.

Madras 74

A.M. - Rag Red Reverie

Insane, over the top, brilliant combination of psychedelic guitar noise, rave music, gutter blues and high energy rock'n'roll.

Really truly fantastic. I can't praise this enough.

You can buy it (for cheap) right here.
Rag Red Reverie

Henry Flynt incomplete discography

One of the most interesting figures in American music during the 60's and 70's. In large part because of his non-musical activities. He was also a philosopher, and an anti-art activist, staging protests calling for the destruction of museums and galleries and calling for people to be freed of their slavery to aesthetic beauty. He did this while simultaneously making "New American Ethnic Music." To Quote from his essay "The Meaning of My Avant-Garde Hillbilly and Blues Music" Link

"But ethnic music has a unique significance in contemporary society. Again, let it be clear that I am not speaking about what the ignorant call “folk music,” but about Hindustani masters such as Ram Narayan, about Buddy Guy or Coltrane, even about African field recordings which were never ensconced in any canon. Simply, such music preserves heights of the spirit which cannot be rebuilt from the sterile plain of modernity. Commercial-mechanistic-impersonal civilization is progressively crushing people’s spirit. What emerged [in the late Sixties] is a culture devoted to fads and synthetic identities, a culture of smirking self-disgust and degradation. Mass culture is a facet of the horrible symbiosis which exists between the manipulators and the underlings.

Ethnic music has a vision of human possibility which has not been impaired by the demeaning forces of modernization. (Yet again, let it be clear that I am not speaking about what the ignorant call “folk music.”) These repertoires are the voice of the unsubjugated autochthon. In certain times and places, non-privileged autochthons did not have a separate language, or a visual art, or an architecture, and music was the only creative medium which they made their own. The best of the musical languages which embody the tradition of experience of autochthonous communities are uniquely valuable for their specificity of sentiment and passion, their holistic engagement, their expression of extra-ordinary and elevated human possibilities. They transmit something which I am not willing to ignore."

Henry Flynt and the Insurrections - I Don't Wanna
Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Volume 1
Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Volume 2
1971-1978 Hillbilly Tape Music
C Tune
You Are My Everlovin'/Celestial Power