Instrumental hip hop from France. Guy went to Vietnam, picked up a whole bunch of old records, and then made a brilliant album using samples from old Vietnamese pop songs. Great melodies, tight beats, and a totally relaxing atmosphere.



The first song on this album starts off with a wash of droning reverb. Lazily drifting along, letting the music flow where it may. Then a little more than halfway through everything clicks into place and the song switches gears into a catchy, tightly controlled rampage.

That's a pretty good description of the whole album. 百蚊(Hyacca) Let you think you know where the song is going to go and then they pull the rug out from underneath you in the most thrilling and exciting way possible.


Is that enough punk music for everyone? I'm gonna post something different next.

Yolz in the Sky

I don't know what the word "Yolz" means. I think it's supposed to be a form of the word "yells". Anyway, Yolz in the Sky are pretty incredible. A wildly danceable combination of groovy, nonsensical disco/punk. There was a week or two last year where the only thing I listened to was this album.


Accidents in Too Large Field

Blurry, high-speed, hard to understand. Some sort of weird combination of funk, psychedelia, and hardcore. Really, really, good.



Gaseneta only ever managed to release one album, but good lord what an album. Vicious high-energy rhythms and extreme lo-fi babble combine with a bizarre tracklisting (It's the same three songs performed over and over again for the whole album, each time faster and more out of control) to make some kind of incredible atmosphere of jittery violent psychosis and out of control lunacy. A truly brilliant album.



デラシネ (Deracine) are an awesome punk band from Tokyo. Their songs are incredibly catchy, intensely danceable, and surprisingly humorous. They don't have a guitarist and instead choose to play with bass, drums, and a wildly messed up keyboard/sampler machine.


Abe Kaoru - Mata no Hi Yume Monogatari

Abe Kaoru is one of the best saxophone player in the history of the world. Yes, I know what kind of competition he's facing. He can stand next to anyone you name. This is him playing the old Standard "Autumn Leaves"

Perfect music for long late winter nights. This album was recorded in the early '70's, probably his best period. He has a bunch of albums and though they're all good this is probably the best starting point.


I think it might be mistagged too. Though i can't remember offhand.