Mir - This Tiny World

So I was having trouble deciding what I should post next. There's like fifty things out there look tempting; but I don't want to just go at it all willy-nilly like. So I came up with this stupid system that I'll use for the next couple of posts.

Things that I post have to be

1. Totally awesome

2. Things that I'm currently listening to

3. Sort of go well together

And here's the first one.

Mir are a tiny little band from Tokyo Japan. They have one(1) tiny little E.P. out from call and response records (a totally awesome record label that you should all support monetarily by the way). Their record label describes them this way

Gorgeous, brittle melodies punctuated by bursts of rage and self-destruction.

Most of the record seems to be about loneliness and lashing out against an unjust world.

1. 時代と個人 - The Times and the Individual
2. ピストル - Pistol
3. 百年後 - A Hundred Years Later
4. 世の中みんな批評家 - The World is Full of Critics
5. だましているのさ - Just Deceiving You